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How is Artificial Intelligence Helping Us During COVID-19?

Artificial Intelligence

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, most of us are staying inside our home wondering when life will become normal. An entire scientific research community has been trying their best to avoid the spread of the virus and finding a vaccine. However, a few experts have made it clear that this can be made easier with a little help from the technology. Most importantly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been involved in the process of assisting the limitations of human knowledge in this massive subject. Machine learning, also known as the backbone of Artificial Intelligence, help us maintain a large amount of data. It can help us predict future outcomes as reveal insights about the data. To keep it simple and efficient, we intend to make you understand how AI can help us during Covid-19.

  • Artificial Intelligence makes it easy to understand and track the spread of Coronavirus. A Canadian based AI company BlueDott developed an AI program that alerted the world about the virus. The application was designed to predict the disease, locate and track its spread. China used the technology to trace and flag possible carriers of the virus. They also used AI-powered smart glasses to detect people with fever and other easily traceable symptoms.
  • The technology helped various countries with image scanning analysis and reducing hospital staff workloads. Several AI features are now used with chest screening that can highlight lung abnormalities in a chest X-ray scan and display risk evaluation faster than human radiologists. This feature is mostly used at airports, hospitals, offices and other places.
  • Many hospitals and other institutions are using robots to avoid human contacts and help patients. A few Chinese companies are using drones and robots to perform contactless delivery and to spray disinfectants in public places. Robots are also checking people for fever and other COVID-19 symptoms.


  • Contact-tracing apps developed using Artificial Intelligence are doing an excellent job by tracking people who are most likely to be infected. For example, if a person has tested positive with the virus, authorities collect information of people that have been in contact with the infected person. This feature allows them to trace those individuals and make them isolate from spreading the virus to more people.
  • AI-based self-assessment applications are being developed to help people take safety precautions by answering a few questions to trace their potentiality of getting infected by COVID-19. For example, the Indian government developed an application called Arogya Setu which can help the citizens to take a self-assessment test to check if they are safe or not. The app also provides data about those who tested positive within the area of the user.


Artificial Intelligent has helped us fight COVID-19 in various situation. It has mostly played a significant role in the healthcare sector. AI consistently goes on to prove to us that we can no longer resist adopting this technology in our daily life.

How Meditation Enhance Health and Improves Focus?


Meditation is a mind and body practice and has been around since ages. Meditation helps to control anger, anxiety, and stress. Apart from that, meditation also helps to cope up with illness and enhance overall health experience. Various kinds of meditation can benefit both mental and physical health. Let’s see how meditation supports health issues and control your mental health.

Lower Blood Pressure

There are significant pieces of evidence that depicts how meditation reduces blood pressure. Some researchers came up with the notion that combining Transcendental Meditation and mindfulness-based therapy with the hospital treatment session can lower the blood pressure.

Lower Blood Pressure

Cancer Treatment

Incorporating meditation to the people suffering from cancer symptom and chemotherapy side effects reduces to manage their anxiety levels, stress, and sleep disturbances. The Society for Integrative Oncology recommends meditation as an approach to the patients to improve the quality of life.

Improved Immunity

Meditation in older patients helps to relax their muscles and increases the patient’s lymphocytes. Lymphocyte, a WBC is an armed force that kills the body invaders, thereby increasing the immunity power and restrain viruses.

Induces Sleep

Meditation helps to concentrate and trains the mind to control breathing and emotions, thereby helping you to sleep. It also allows the mind to settle the concentration on an object and let the other thoughts to drift away.

Induces Sleep

Gut Pain

For patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel diseases, stress plays a significant part. Meditation and other relaxing techniques help patients with, and improved symptoms minimized anxiety, and to get control over their life.

Control Management

Meditation helps to control the brain from alcohol and drug addiction. Apart from that, meditation practices also reduce chronic pain and love oneself. Mindfulness meditation increases to manage one’s focus and manage their anxiety.


Meditating increases kindness and caring behaviour in oneself. It is a powerful tool that circulates the brain to understand other people’s emotions and enhances critical and rational thinking. To begin a loving meditation, you must picture someone on your mind and wish them happiness and later extend that to your other fellow beings.


Meditation and Menopause

Yoga, tai chi and other meditation platform have helped women going through the stress and anxiety of menopausal symptoms. These symptoms include stress, muscle pain, hot flashes and other mood swings.


Meditation is a space that provides many benefits to a human body ranging from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing. To improve your concentration, you must sharpen your focus, which you will attain from daily meditation. Meditation not only clean our mind, but it also helps you to take control of you own thought and pain. Meditation also increases the joy and self-esteem you once missed in your life.

Progress on the Cure for Coronavirus


Uncertainty and fear linger on as the pandemic doesn’t seem to loosen its clench over the world in the coming weeks. Research has been going on for months now, but no antidote has been found yet. With more than 150 drugs being under research now, there happens to be bewilderment and apprehension among the public about the looming effects of the virus. Now, as the situation is getting slightly better, the people have become ignorant of the fact that the world is still in the dark phase. More awareness needs to go into the communities that are less concerned about the issues out there. While the treatment for the virus is still under question, several answers have now started germinating, which may or may not be the conclusion to the pandemic.

Treatment Research

The most promising treatments are being assessed through the Solidarity trial that was launched by the World Health Organization. Dexamethasone is a medicine that the UK has been trying on their patients, and it seems to be saving the lives of many of the seriously ill ones. According to the United Kingdom, their Recover trail is the world’s biggest trials with over 11,000 patients taking part in it. Survivors’ blood is also being tested upon for any possible cure that can help the ones who have been badly affected.

While many such pieces of research are going into forming the big picture of the Solidarity trial, there happen to be only three prevalent broad approaches of investigation. The first one is the antiviral drugs that can attack the coronavirus to hamper on its ability to thrive. As the patients’ immune system is being affected by the virus, it overreacts when any form of illness hits them, and the condition aggravates. Secondly, the world of research is focussing on drugs that calm the immune system of the patients so that they don’t fall into a state of collateral damage in their body. The third major approach is that of the antibodies that attack the virus, and these could be either made in a lab or extracted from the survivors’ blood.

Treatment Research

Coronavirus Drugs

Although no drug seems to have an adequate effect in pushing the virus out of one’s body completely, many of the trials prove that the drugs stand a chance against the sprawling virus. Dexamethasone is one of the first drugs to have shown the capability to save lives of people. The risk of death was cut by a fifth for the patients on oxygen and a third for those on ventilators by taking dexamethasone. Remdesivir, which is an antiviral drug that was developed to treat Ebola, showed some positive results initially in the clinical trials. By using it, the duration of symptoms was cut down from 15 to 11 days. It has proven to aid recovery but not in the prevention of death from coronavirus. Antivirals have, therefore, been considered as effective in the early stages, and the immune drugs to be used in the later stages. The UK has been using both remdesivir and dexamethasone to fight the pandemic.

7 Ways To Save Money When Financing Your Holiday



Booking your holiday is always an exciting time but one thing that can put a downer on it is the thought of all the money you are going to have to part with. But this doesn’t have to be the case, there are some great ways in which you can save money when it comes to financing your holiday and in this article, we are going to show you how.

7 Ways To Save Money When Financing Your Holiday

1 Use A Price Comparison Website

When thinking about flights and hotels, these can often be the most pricey things on the holiday to do list, but by using a price comparison site, you are sure to get more bang for your buck. Many people are tempted to snap up the first offer that they see because they believe that it is a good one but this isn’t always the case. Take your time and look into various options, this is the best way to save money.

2 Go For Cheaper Accommodation

If you are looking to save money on your holiday then a great way to do so is by booking a cheaper and more standard accommodation. We are not suggesting that you slum it, but by opting for something like an Air BnB over a 5 star hotel, you are going to save yourself a lot of money. This is also a more practical option for families as you will have a more home from home feel.

3 Consider A PayDay Loan

It might sound obscure but for those times when you need to pay for the holiday upfront, a payday loan may be just the ticket. Payday loans have gotten themselves a bad rep but if you pay back within the set time, it doesn’t cost you as much as you might think. On top of this, you can be safe in the knowledge that your holiday is booked and ready to go.

4 Take Advantage Of Large Booking Discounts

If you can manage going away with a large group of people, this can work to your advantage when it comes to saving money. Many holiday companies will apply a discount for larger bookings and this means that once the cost is split, your bill will be substantially lower.

5 Don’t Splurge On Travel Items

It’s lovely to have designer clothes and expensive cosmetics, but do you really need these for your holiday? Often times, things get left behind and if you’re travelling with kids, you will know that items often get ruined on the beach or on outings. Buying cheap and cheerful travel items such as bathroom items and clothing can save a fortune.

6 Know When To Book

There are two options that are going to get you the best price for your holiday, the early bird deals or the infamous last minute deal. Whichever you choose will have its perks, the early bird offer is ideal for those who wish to travel on a specific date and booking well in advance means that you will get a good deal, be able to pay over time and can guarantee your preferred date. The last minute deal works well for those who can up at leave at a moments notice and aren’t too fussy about where they take their holiday.

7 Stick To The Luggage Allowance

If you are travelling by plane, one of the most common ways to incur extra holiday costs is to go over your luggage allowance. This can really bump up what you’re paying into your holiday and so by making sure you stick within the limits, you can avoid extra charges.


Going on holiday is, without doubt, an expensive time but it can be made a little easier on your wallet by following these great tips. Whether you’re thinking about payday loans or altering what type of accommodation you stay in, you can be sure to cut your holiday costs and save money.

Top 7 Investment Ideas in 2020


Most of the investors focus on investments that can reap high benefits for them without the risk of losing principal money. This is why the financial advisors work to find the top investment plans for their clients, where they can reap maximum benefits with little or no risk. It is important that an investment plan match your profile so that you do not make any poor decisions in the hope of high profits. Here are the top investment ideas to explore in 2020 that will help you to reach your financial goals.

Direct equity

Compared to all the asset classes, direct equity has been able to deliver higher than inflation-adjusted returns on the long term basis. Investing in direct equity rather than stocks might be a profitable option for you once you consult with your advisor.

Equity mutual funds

Equity mutual funds can also be a great option for investment if you want to benefit from equity stocks. You can manage the equity fund actively or passively with the help of a financial advisor.

Equity mutual funds

High-yield savings accounts

The high-yield savings accounts can be one of the easiest ways for you to earn extra interest on your savings. Some of the accounts may be paying as much as 1.5% on your savings. Savings accounts are also liquid, which means you can take out money any time you want.

Money market accounts

Money market accounts can earn higher interest than savings accounts but require a higher minimum balance. They are relatively liquid and earn higher yields which makes them a great option for your emergency savings.

Money market accounts

Treasury securities

There are plenty of securities available to raise money for projects and pay for its debts. There are some treasury bills, aka T-bills that can mature in a year or less. They are sold at a discount on their face value, and when they mature, the government pays you the full face value.

Government bond funds

Government bond funds are also mutual funds that invest in debt securities that are issued by the US government. The funds invest in debt options like T-bills, T-bonds, T-notes. This bond funds share high liquidity and can fluctuate depending on the interest rate environment.

Rental housing

Rental housing is a great way to invest your money day as the need for properties will only grow. Find the right properties that you can purchase or finance it. Take responsibility for its maintenance, and deal with tenants to pay you every month. If you need more cash in less time, the housing may not be the best option for you, but if you want constant income, you can use this idea to invest in other things.

Tips To Travel Light


Packing light does not mean that you have to sacrifice the style or comfort. It is important you keep everything simple to help you travel light. There are many advantages to travelling light, but not all are aware of the ways they can do so. Here are a few tips which will allow you to have the right bags for all your essentials.

Every little bit of space helps

There are many ways that you can make of the space to help fill in small things like socks, underwear, mittens and even a t-shirt. You can also keep your electronics in this space which will help you make sure of every nook and cranny of your suitcase.

little bit

Do not pack more than a week’s worth of clothes

If you are going for a longer time, you need to make sure that you have access to every space, make sure that you are erasing wrinkles in a pinch. Try to make sure that you are carrying a wrinkle eraser which you can spritz on your garment and make it easier for you to wear. This is one tip which will last you longer than a week, especially if you are planning to do the laundry.

Pack outfits which will mix and match

Try to make sure that you are packing clothes which can easily be colour coordinated, especially when you are travelling. If the item does not work, you can bring in multiple outfits which can be worn on multiple occasions. It is important that you try and limit yourself to the two pairs of shirts and pants which can be worn with other accessories to look much more presentable.

Maximise your personal item

In addition to the carry-on bag, there are many ways you can bring in personal items in a purse. Brining in theses small bag packs can hot a lot more that you suitcase which you might need regularly. Make sure you are taking your laptop, tablets and mobile phones in these purses to keep everything safe.

 Personal item

How to pack light and stay organised

Ultralight packing is something which will allow you to travel without any problems. There are many common approaches which include folding, rolling, compressing, which involves folding clothes in a sturdy way. Try to make sure that you have garments which is best for the long-distance travelling like denim or chambray blouse. Compressing is a great space saver which will allow you to ensure that you have one bag which will not allow you to overpack also there will be no weight induced uncharges at the airport. You can also fold your clothes in units to make space for them in the sweaters pile.

What the Future hold for Online Shopping?


The abundant availability of internet access has elevated the retail playing field, which has made relations and other businesses easy to sell their products online, without geographic knowledge. Due to this factor, e-commerce sales grew up to 15% in the United States in 2018. The growth in this number is not online related to online shopping, but also how the customers expect the brand and customer service to be. The future of e-commerce or online shopping highly depends on that professional that crashed personalized and engaging online shopping experience for internet users and customers. This has led them to adopt and adapt to the latest technologies and trends to meet customer demands.

Trends that will shape the future

According to statistics and various studies conducted, the e-commerce retailers and online shopping businesses will grow until it generates a revenue of $4.88 trillion in 2021 alone. As many small scale business and the retailers are adjusting to this sales boom online, it is also changing the way customers buy products online. For example, Amazon alone holds 40$ of the purchases and retails and 43% of all the e-commerce gains in the year 2019.


Improvement in marketing tactics

In future, online stores and websites might not have retail clerks or the access to dressing rooms, but develop the AI in such a way that the wardrobe is designed according to the customer’ personal style and interests with the use of preferences and choice of clothing. Analysts will also be able to predict data to conduct the product research and identify the most selling items on the internet and customer’s likeability towards the product. Computer proficiency, strategic thinking and decision-making ability in crucial conditions are some of the aspects that hold and shape the future of online shopping.

Machine learning for a personalized shopping experience

As the technology grows, customers look forward to having a more personalized shopping experience which eases their process. According to many studies and researches, customers tend to buy products from those brands that they recognize and remember. Hence the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze customer information and compile a customer profile at the backend will work wonders. This will also increase the customer experience, once implemented.

Shopping experience

Online shopping going mobile

Forrester predicts that by 2022, nearly $177.5 billion of the online shopping revenue will be impacted by the use of smartphones and smart devices. Since mobile constitutes almost 40$ of the online shopping experience, retail and e-commerce companies are shifting towards building mobile-friendly websites and stores to enhance the user experience. This not only includes the User Interface but also includes aspects like competitive pricing, customized and personalized products, increased accessibility and many more.

Online shopping

Trends that will shape the future of online shopping

  • Personalized shopping experience according to the consumer preference
  • Multiple shopping channels at one-stop
  • Automation of customer service for more precise and speedy responses
  • Use of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to enhance payment securities.
  • One day delivery options
  • Using quick delivery services and machines like drones
  • Video recognition of items

Establishments of pop up shops